Kaelin Ancestry

Philadelphia Kaelins


Through my research I have been able to 'Konnect' with other Kaelins, their info is here.

In 1609, all families in Einsiedeln obtained a Stamm-Number. The Kalin Clan, whose numbers consist of 48 lines, obtained the numbers 78 through 120. 

Photo Gallery

Photographs, mostly of my ancestors, headstones, and a few others

My Ancestry

I have been able to trace my Kaelin ancestors back to the late 1500s or early 1600s in Switzerland...

The Philadelphia Kaelins

This name originated in the town of Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland. Kaelins make up about one-third of the names, and is the largest surname group in the town. 

Information about various Kaelins from Philadelphia

I  have collected quite a lot of information about Kaelins from Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Some I have been able to connect to my line, but most I have not.  The information is widely varied and does include a few photographs.

It is my understanding that the Kaelin name, in it's original spelling of "Kälin", holds Swiss Citizenship prior to 1800.